An Odd Break

Well! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I can tell I haven’t been getting much activity lately, and since I’ve been zooming around it’s been tough to make myself sit down and write anything. Since Boston I’ve been keeping my running more low key. I started back running almost immediately, running that 10k after the … More An Odd Break

Run, Run, Run!

WOW! JUST WOW! What a race! I loved it! nbc sports stream of my finish I was jittery all weekend, thinking I would forget how to run, or that I broke something every time I moved. Dr. Bonnie kept me focused on various other activities, and we walked around Boston a lot (I live on the … More Run, Run, Run!

One Last Run!

I wanted to keep this one nice and easy. I knew psychologically this would set the tone for the rest of my taper. Would I be freaked out and anxious all taper? Or would I confidently stride through it? If you know me you know which one is MUCH more likely, but I tried my … More One Last Run!